“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for
all of your help in preparing our presentation.
Your assistance and editing was invaluable – your warmth was genuine and appreciated.
I hope we can
work together
again soon.”


The special services available here aren’t what you might normally expect to find at an audio production studio. They are the result of a wide range of experiences in a number of related activities.

Private coaching in voiceover work
Per Hour $85; Half-Hour $45
Top-flight professionals earn more than $350 per hour. Learn what they do that makes them stand out above the rest.


Private coaching in public speaking
Per Hour $85; Half-Hour $45
Learn to conquer America’s #1 fear, harness the power of the spoken word – and get paid for it!


Private coaching in stagecraft
Per Hour $85; Half-Hour $45
What to do after the announcer says your name.
In any form of public performance, how you present yourself can make an amazing difference in your popularity – and your income. Gain the powerful competitive advantage that others ignore.


Editorial Services
Per Hour $85; Half-Hour $45
Professional writing, editing and proofreading – anything from a business card to a full-length novel.


Private consultation in the art of operating a small business
Per Hour $125
Every year, approximately 35,000 businesses fail. Yours doesn’t have to. Learn the inside secrets that separate the winners from the losers. Note: 2017 marks King Street Recording Company’s 50th year in business. It took more than technology to make that possible.

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