"Many thanks for marvelous work! This would not have been possible without your talents."

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For video producers, writers, trainers, speakers, narrators and voiceover artists, professional audio production can make the vital difference between winning and losing in a highly competitive marketplace.


In video production, the audio is every bit as important as the images you work so hard to create. The knowledge, experience and skills available to you here will help to ensure that your final production pleases your target audience - and accomplishes your purpose.


Audio for training programs is a specialty of the house and receives attention to the smallest details. To lend credibility and impact to your narrative, we use actors instead of narrators for maximum return on your training dollar.


To use your speaking voice for radio, TV or instructional projects, a demo will help you get booked. Presenting several different short scripts in a two-minute format should be enough to allow someone to make a hiring decision in your favor. Since you can't possibly know what "they" want to hear on a demo, record what you do best - then find those who want what you do.

Included with Your Recording Session


A production technician with extensive experience as a professional voice actor, audio production technician and business writer. The purpose of your project will be thoroughly understood, and errors in the script may be caught and corrected before the recording session. Competent direction may also be provided if needed.


An 8-track digital recording system combining Macintosh, Mackie and ProTools, expandable to 24 tracks. The benefit of multiple tracks is the capacity to make revisions without losing work already completed.


Long-term storage of original sessions keeps your work intact and available, allowing you to return months later to make additions and revisions.



Script review by a professional business writer with attention to sentence structure, grammar, spelling, pronunciation and overall theme


Professional male and female voiceover talent


Royalty-free production music and SFX


Coaching in breath-control, pacing, diction, dynamics and voice inflection


Instruction for voiceover artists on the art of prospecting for work. Eight-page detailed instructional article available.


The current rate for audio production is $50.00 per hour, with a one-hour minimum.

After the first hour, billing is by the quarter-hour.

Professional male and female voice actors are available at hourly fees beginning at $200.00.

Cash or check

Fine Points

Bring two copies of your script to the session, one for the production technician. Having a second set of eyeballs perusing your pages can catch - and correct - the occasional error (oops!) or omission.


Although voiceover demos are generally submitted online, a professionally produced CD impresses the folks who do the hiring. Just knowing that you've made the investment in yourself gives you an edge over your competition. Consider the appearance of your CD and ask about design and printing options for labels, covers and tray liners. The better it looks, the more likely someone may actually listen to it.


How to Prepare for Your Recording Session

Organization and planning can make the difference between pain and pleasure. For an enjoyable and productive session, follow these simple suggestions:

  1. Review your scripts until they're perfect, then add indications for pauses, emphasized words, etc.
  2. Rehearse your material until you can read it smoothly and naturally.
  3. Prepare extra copies of your script for use by production technician .
  4. Get a good night's rest before your session.
  5. Arrive at the studio a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  6. Record re-takes as you go along to control editing time.
  7. Listen to all playbacks, then direct all editing.

    NOTE: Recommended beverage for any type of vocal work: room temperature spring water with a slice of fresh lemon.

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